пятница, 20 января 2017 г.

Санаторий Герцена в Кубинке

Санаторий Герцена в Кубинке. Усадьба Василевское (Марьино). 
Восстановленный Васильевский замок

Vassilyevskoe (Marino) Manor. Restored Vasilevsky castle

This manor house once belonged to kniaz Alexander Grigorievich Shcherbatov, by order of which it was built in 1881, designed by the architect P.S. Boytsov, specialized in like manor architecture (manors Podushkino, Muromtsevo). In that castle was constructed zoo and conservatory with exotic animals and plants. The park is settled tame deer and chamois.
In Soviet times there was located a government sanatorium Herzen, where once attended V.I. Lenin, what says a memorial plaque on the wall of the castle.
Not so long ago this place was almost abandoned (previosly I wrote about it), but today this castle is completely restored.