воскресенье, 18 октября 2020 г.

Позиция С-25

Abandoned positions of the S-25 Berkut anti-aircraft missile system

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Recently, me with a team of my friends-stalkers explored a forest with the ruins of an abandoned position of the C-25 Berkut anti-aircraft missile system. This military object is a part of the system created in the USSR for the defense of Moscow. We are talking about the famous two rings of Moscow air defense. The C-25 system (according to NATO classification - SA-1 Guild) was the first to be adopted by the USSR as a model of anti-aircraft guided missile weapons (the target height range was 5-15 km). A further development of the ideas embodied in the C-25 was the creation of the C-75, C-125, C-200, C-300 air defense systems. Not so long ago, I wrote about the military ghost town Adular. So, people who once lived in this town, served this position C-25.